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Exploding Horse / Press

“From ZEUS to EXPLODING HORSE-Another Badass Death Metal Band from the Carolinas Let me start off by saying anybody who can project their vocals in that manner has gotta have a mutant throat made of iron. There is absolutely no doubt from me that headbangers who dig old school death metal (stuff I grew up with) – Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Vengeance Rising, Malevolent Creation, Obituary, Death – and get into how the progression in death metal is in today’s industry, will definitely be enthralled with Exploding Horse. A 5-piece band started in 2006 and hailing from North Carolina, the band brings a devastating and destructive sound worthy of any death metal fan taking notice. ”

“Brennon Campbell, the man with the mutant throat. His vocals absolutely destroy some more well-known death band vocalists. His transition from the “deep within your soul” growls to the higher pitched mix of growl and scream, he is a complete talent in this style of music. Sam Fleming and Adam Lane have created some of the deepest, terrorizing, and hardest riffs I have heard in a while. The skills they possess are heard clearly in each solo. Ricky Culp’s intensity behind his drum set would keep most normal people at home for a few days to recover. He destroys the hell out of the bass drum, all while keeping the snare and cymbal work just as speedy and precise as the guitarists. Former bassist, Deucy Wayne, did all the work for their album and it is who you will hear in the tunes on their Facebook or Reverb pages. They have since acquired a new musician to take over those duties, Karlon Grant. I am sure by how in tune the band is that this decision and direction is a good one. ”

“From Zeus to Exploding Horse Another Badass Death Metal Band from the Carolinas Exploding Horse is not for the weak of heart, for the simple-minded, or for anybody who does not want to totally fuck their neck up, and it does not matter the reasons behind their recent name change. Do not be thrown off by some of the titles they have given their songs – Blonde Mustache, Turbo Tommy, The Great Mechanical Pig – for these names do not dive into the music deeply enough. You have to listen to each of them and feel all the passion, rage, and disturbing similarities to ourselves to truly know where these guys come from. The Carolina’s metal scene is for sure alive and well, and the music I had lost touch with for so many years has come back into my life with the exact sound that Exploding Horse brings to my mind when thinking of where the aura of death metal had gone. Much appreciation and respect for these boys. Rock on. ”

“ From the devastatingly moshing metal/punk sound of “The Great Mechanical Pig”, to the even more death embraced “Bullet Proof Fridge” and completely riveting blast beat rage of “What in Tarnation’s a Skyscraper?”, any fan of Cannibal Corpse and Anal Cunt will surely love Zeus. Vocalist Brennon shouts pain in his lyrics for my favorite track entitled “Frozen Head”: My undead eyes have seen the ugliness of it all, shunned by the masses and shunned by the outside world, I lay wading in my own decomposition, I’m waiting to arise with rotting hands, To sleep no more amongst the bones of man. But the band’s most ambitious tune amid the bloody carnage is clearly “Turbo Tommy”, which to me, sounds like Slayer met Acid Bath in a dark back alley during the night to compare notes on how to make the scariest sounding song possible”