Everyman / Press

“Striking a comfortable balance between spicy rhythm & blues, smooth jazz, and jam band grooves, Everyman’s Day By Day should appeal to fans who enjoy both vintage Stevie Wonder and modern day Dave Matthews. With exquisite musicianship and loose, free-flowing vocals, Day By Day makes the perfect soundtrack for a casual Sunday brunch, but its potent undercurrent of funk would serve just as well as your warm up for a hot Saturday night. Supple guitar leads, subtle percussion, and reedy, evocative vocals (reminiscent of Sting at his most soulful) combine for an ingratiating fusion of jazz and rock. From the bluesy strut of the “she-done- me-wrong” jam “You Keep Me Calling” to the yearning funk of “Paradise,” Day By Day sustains a consistent level of craftsmanship and listenability. Most of the songs, not surprisingly, are not just love song. If you’re looking for something, silky, tender, passionate, and infused with tasty jazz licks and funky beats, Everyman is undoubtedl”