EUPHORIA (fresno) / Press

"Three guys out of Fresno/Caruthers California with the same goal in life, to live a life dedicated to making music that the world can appreciate and enjoy". I liked these words taken from the bands Facebook page as its very similar to our sentiments here at Loud-Stuff. The guys are producing a psychedelic in your face rock sound and are clearly very passionate about what they do.

“Grandpa's Cough Syrup was the first track out of the two on the list that I listened to. A charismatic, fist pumping guitar riff works in tandem with an addictive, melodic drum beat to bring the track to life. The two surge forward, feeding off each other’s vibes until the vocals kick in, taking proceedings up a gear. The vocals bring a distinct rock feel to the track they are raw but spirited and sound great, complimenting the style of track well. The tempo throughout the track is fast paced but never relentless, the guitar solo three quarters the way through is a nice touch and demonstrates the talent on offer. At little over three minutes this track is a gig opener to get the blood flowing.”

“I Wanna Die was the second and last track I managed to get my hands on. After a lively first track, I was psyched to hear this next piece which was in fact released a few years previous to Grandpa's Cough Syrup. A mellow guitar solo gets things underway; the tempo is relaxed until a familiar count in courtesy of solid drum sticks makes the track erupt. The riff picks up pace and gets heavier, just like the previous track it never reaches a relentless pace but it is a real rock track. The vocals are very raw and you can see just how far the guys have come when comparing it to their newer track. Despite being raw they hold their own and adapt to the style of track well.”

“We were quite taken by Euphoria, a Fresno based unit, when we first heard their stuff a while back, so when they dropped me an email with some new tracks on it I jumped at the chance to see how things were going. The two new tracks are hot off the press so only one question remains, are the band still sticking to their roots and doing what they do best?! As Deception gets things going it’s immediately clear that this is a band who are evolving, changing their style and moving towards a realm where they’re going to be able to really take control. The sludgy guitar line which opens proceedings leads into an almost funky style riff, the whole mix backing up the haunting vocal line and adding in a sense of depth. At first listen I was thinking that the sound was akin to the likes of Soundgarden or Silverchair, but those comparisons go out the window once the chorus section fully takes hold, launching you into a melee of roaring and hammering riffs which is impossible to resist.”

“Euphoria said in their email that they hoped I liked the change in direction, which at first unnerved me a little, but I need not have worried! What you’ve got here are two tracks which show the evolution of a band and show that these guys are about ready to break through and be seen. Personally, I’ve struggled to find fault with either track so only hope they continue to work like this, there’s potentially a lot more awesomeness to come! ”

“Despite the all out power, the band have managed to retain a sense of catchiness within their music, keeping the track moving and changing throughout to ensure you’re there and listening from start to finish. My personal favourite moment has to be the breakdown towards the end, it’s a moment which demonstrates why this band need to be seen to be believed, and suggests that this is a band who are going to kill on the live scene.”

“Were Wolf Anthem is the second track they sent through, another track which demonstrates the development of the band and shows that they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with. Hammering into the track through more of those sludgy guitar riffs, the bass comes through the mix to combine with the drums crafting a track which is once again melodic yet sludgy and raw at the same time. The combined elements here create another track which harks at different influences at different moments, showing how the band have taken what they listen to and made a sound which they can firmly call their own. What I really liked on this track was how the pace alters, one minute being a slow and heavy mix and the next minute picking up the pace and launching you headfirst into the pit – it’s a sound which is impossible to resist and once again, shows why we need to get these guys over here to tour.”