Et Tu Brute / Press

“Vocally smooth (mostly) and instrumentally biting, this EP is a solid example of modern melodic punk, in the vein of influences like the Bouncing Souls or fellow Chicago natives The Lawrence Arms. The use of a more hardcore vocal style is used tastefully sparingly to draw together a good chorus or bridge here and there, as well as some great background vocals. While listening to the background vocals, you always get the sense that they’re being called or cried out from a long distance, which subtly compliments the general flavor the band seems to be going for here. There’s a powerful drive that holds these songs together start to beginning, enough to keep these songs flowing together smoothly. That’s not to say they all blend together; there’s enough distinction between tracks to keep these songs from overdoing it. Emotionally raw and energetically presented, I enjoyed listening to this album over and over again, with the best tracks being “Focus Schmocus,” “To Things Wor”