sleeping dogs lie / Press

“That's a pretty damn great CD. I can really "put the needle anywhere" as we used to say.”

Don Campau - No Pigeonholes Internet Radio

“I found this album lying in the parking lot of a truck stop in the middle of Iowa about 5 years ago. I rubbed the scratches out and popped it into my cd player. At first, I thought, what the hell is this? A few years later, someone asked me if I remembered that "Mike fixed my car" song. I tore my room apart looking for the cd and when I found it, and played it, I loved it. Thanks sleeping dogs lie.”

SilentSteel15 - iTunes Review

“I hate this album except for "Buddy," which is song of the year!”


“David Geffen and MTV would be wise to pursue the Joy cd. 4-stars.”

Jake Cline - CITY LINK (Miami)

"Vigorous and engaging personal home recorded rock gets in, gets out and gets you off. Fixing your car was never so fun."

Don Campau - DonCampau.com

"The Florida-based experimental indie rock band Sleeping Dogs Lie brings a whole new meaning to lo-fi recordings."

Maria Burks - CMJ Magazine