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“Short, Simple, and Sweet is the best way to describe “The Pre Mix EP” by Erica Danea. With production from Monsta Musik and artist features with ChristNation, Steven G., TeRance Golden, and Sauce Remix you get a blend of different tastes that season and salt the release. Another song in which I really liked was: Valley of Decision. Although this is such a short release, you don’t want to miss out on it because Erica Danea brings a unique style to the table that will leave you feeling like you got shorted. 5 tracks and you’ll be wishing there were 10 more to go with it. Don’t sleep, get the EP, and at least check out “Go High”, because I know you will be jamming that track over and over. Keep an eye on Erica Danea. ”

Ed Welch - Holy Culture

“The Pre MIx EP Drops 5-11-11 buy at www.edanea.com”


“jchauncey Unknown ONLINE Thursday July 08 2010 12:12 AM “ My daughter is loving rap right now. I am trying to find some good rap with Christian lyrics like Erica's that will be more beneficial to her than the trash that is in most rap songs. Thanks for your awesome work and uplifting message in a venue where it is truly needed! ””

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