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“Exclusive Warrior's Hymn EP Premiere & Interview”

“Epoch Failure Yields Epic Success”

“Epoch Failure one of NJ's "Must Hear" Bands for 2017”

“ESPN Music has teamed up with urban pop duo, Epoch Failure, to bring you their Turnt Up NYC Marathon Spotify playlist!”

“All Access: An interview with the New Jersey Epoch Failure.”

“Epoch Failure are a crisp urban-pop duo, who come armed with the hooks to match their gifted vocal skills.”

“Must-hear NJ: From poverty to the Super Bowl, Trenton hip-hop duo ascends.”

“The secret to Epoch Failure’s success comes from an approach to life firmly grounded in gratitude.”

“Epoch Failure continues to rise like the true champions they are.”

“Epoch Failure have garnered quite a bit of success with sports sync-licensing used on ESPN's NFL Sunday Countdown, NFL Super Bowl 50, Fox Sports, NASCAR, and the WWE. They are passionate about their music and about sending a powerful message of hope and ambition.”

“Interview: Epoch Failure”

“Urban pop duo, Epoch Failure, burn bright with 'LET THE FIRE GLOW'.”

“Celebrate Bon Jovi's birthday with an awesome hip-hop cover of 'Livin' On A Prayer'. Epoch Failure completely revamped and reimagined the track, with alternate lyrics and a fresh pulse.”

“Artist Of The Month: Epoch Failure”

“Your Friday just got a lot better. Why, you ask? Because we’re bringing you the latest single from New Jersey’s Epoch Failure, titled 'Let The Fire Glow'.”

“The inspiring Camden hip-hop duo Epoch Failure is playing the State Fair at the Meadowlands on July 2, one day after their single, “Let the Fire Glow,” is released. The song is a celebration of daredevils and dreamers who refuse to cave under the pressures of social conformity, and instead, rise against the odds to leave a trail of inspiration. The duo was selected to perform at the 2016 Emerging Artist Series at Summerfest in Milwaukee.”

“Epoch Failure’s rap version of “Livin’ On A Prayer” is a pretty damn terrific hiphop anthem (I like it better than the Bon Jovi original but don’t tell anybody) and even Jon himself likes it.”

“New Jersey based duo, EPOCH FAILURE create a unique urban pop sound, accompanied by lyrics about overcoming life’s challenges.”

“Staff Sgt. Nick Young, who serves full-time in the New Jersey Army National Guard as a photographer and journalist, is taking a shot at platinum-selling success with his urban-rock duo Epoch Failure”

“Clear the decks of all your grown up ways & perhaps a little bit boringly responsible thoughts for a few minutes, as youthful New Jersey hip hop duo Epoch Failure have landed on EQ with their upbeat sassy pop song “Where I’m Sposed To Be”.”

"Two measures. Five seconds. Fifteen words. However you wanna break it down, that’s all it took for me to reach out and slap the “Hit Song” buzzer on this one. BAM. I mean it. After the first two lines, I paused the track and jumped away from my desk to grab some other people from our office to come listen. Truth is, I didn’t need to hear any more of the song because even if the rest wasn’t up to speed yet, the million dollar foundation was in place." "It’s about an artist being real and walkin’ it like they’re talkin’ it. Singing from the heart, rather than from the head or the wallet. I mean, look at these dudes. You can’t fake those smiles. There’s no money or fame behind this. This is as “low rent” a video as you can get and these guys are completely oblivious to the context. They don’t care. They’re croozin’ and boozin’, singing and celebrating life."