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“Northern Wisconsin's, Entropy O.A.C, have "it." You know, "it." That "it" factor that makes a band memorable. Sometimes it's hard to put your finger on what "it" is but in this case, "it" is, driving guitar and killer vocals. Entropy O.A.C., play raw and rocking, hard rock/metal. Many of Entropy O.A.C.'s, contemporaries, play watered down rock that is designed to appeal to the masses and not much more. Entropy O.A.C., have great appeal but are still able to keep that, edge, that sets them apart, their, "it." Their new EP, "Dark Clouds And Clarity", out 3.21.15, is proof. After sitting down for a six pack, with lead singer, Ben Poulin, you can see where a lot of their "it" comes from.”

“Entropy O.A.C., with their newest offering, Dark Clouds and Clarity. The band is not on my radar previous to this review, but I am definitely checking out their two previous records of work, so it has impressed me. The album, on first listen, harkens back to early 2000s, just really pulling a post-Grunge era sound, when bands like Stone Sour and Mushroomhead were just throwing down, and you had a really dark rock atmosphere. They make me feel like I am listening to whatever I could get my hands on in high school, great brooding music. They have a sound similar to the second to last Slipknot album which isn’t an insult like it sounds. They aren’t going from extreme to radio friendly, so the sound is perfect. Their singer is excellent, with a solid heavy chug band, great drumming.”

“The new song (Nightmares) is f**kin sick! Seriously not joking in the least bit you guys have never sounded better, and this song has become one of my top three favorite songs ever.”

Jake R. - Fan Of Entropy

“When I listened to Nightmares it felt like a lightning bolt hit the tip of my p*nis.”

Matt S. - (Fan of Entropy)

“ATTN: TWIN CITIES BANDS AND PROMOTERS- If you're looking for a band that is high energy, heavy, melodic and ENTERTAINING, look no further-”

Joseph Caliguire - Music Promoter

“(Award) "Last in Line" wins Metal Track of the Day 12/9/04”


“(Award) "Smiles for Stab Wounds" wins Hardcore Metal Track of the Day 1/1/05”


“(Award) "Addiction" wins Alternative Metal Track of the Day 12/12/04”


“(Award) "Last in Line" wins Metal Track of the Week Only 52 Metal songs receive this award each year. 5/16/05”


“All the right stuff.... Everything is done right on this CD...better than right. Extremely creative dichotomy of emotion from vocals and instrumentation from lite-heavy musical riffs to over-the-top power...always controlled and clear in it's message. Kudos to every player and to the folks responsible for the recording...this is tops in the genre in my book! (SMILES FOR STAB WOUNDS ALBUM REVIEW)”

Mark Roberts - CDBABY.COM

“Awesome,.. frickin Awesome. This album is Amazing!! its the top of its Genre in my book, seriously. From the awesome vocals to the heavy guitar riffs. this album is a must buy! (SMILES FOR STAB WOUNDS ALBUM REVIEW) ”