"…running through the whole album Enemynside give the impression to know their stuff and to be able to leave their mark on any different musical solution."

Sandro Buti - Metal Maniac

“Thrash metal has got popular again during the latest three/four years, thanx to the deeds of several bands, both Americans and Europeans. To tell the truth it’s a long while Enemynside play this kind of music far from the trends […] The band is well skilled to weigh with balance aggressiveness and easy listening and theirs are great songs in all aspects…”

Andrea Pergolesi - Metal Hammer

"a songwriting definitely above average, a mind-blowing live attitude and an unbreakable will power: these are the qualities which led the band to release their sophomore album titled "In The Middle Of Nowhere"

"Enemynside, though have few released on their side, are considered everywhere a thrash made in Italy stronghold"