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“Zuzik’s latest is produced by her and guitarist Wes Hutchinson, who plays brilliantly and inventively throughout, like in the catchy “You Want To Go Out Tonight,” which is the perfect top- down summer song, its guitars buzz in the verse, and open up to the sky in the chorus (and solo) as Zuzik soars above it all. “How Did You Get So Good” has a slower, sultry groove, with big chunky guitars, and Zuzik singing about her lover with confidence and strength. The almost 1980s expansive-sounding “You Know When You Know” is a powerful lover’s testimony. Zuzik and company have come up with smart rock songs that are still fun and don’t take themselves too seriously, and she is surely on track to be the new Sheryl Crow. But actually, she’s the new Emily Zuzik.”

“The Brooklyn-based rocker is reminiscent of Liz Phair with a bluesy attitude coupled with super slick song-writing.”

AOL Music

“Emily's vocals brought a unique dark and melodic texture to "The Low Hum." I've wanted to work with her ever since she auditioned for a rock project I started. She has remarkable talent and passion for all kinds of music. I'm excited to hear her new record.””

multiple Grammy award nominee Moby - personal quote on collaborator Emily Zuzik

“Zuzik mixes the urgent intensity of Ani DiFranco and Tori Amos with the easy cool of Kim Gordon, but is still her own woman and an impressive artist. ”

Performing Songwriter Magazing DIY Feature

“It's the artist, strong and confident, who warrants attention...This range infuses You Had Me at Goodbye's songs with the energy of a powerful voice flexing its muscles, but it's actually best when Zuzik softens...its quiet maturity reveals a singer with real soul.”

Kylen Campbell - Village Voice

"Emily's deep, sultry voice is a perfect match for the gutsy, rock-bluesy feel of the music. She growls, whispers and shouts...all very well....If you're looking for a CD with some diversity that includes tinges of rock, pop, trip-hop, and folk then Emily Zuzik is your ticket."

Collected Sounds: A Guide to Women in Music

"Emily Zuzik's voice ranges from a sweet and alluring croon to a low growl that would charm even the most world-weary."

Time Out NY