Emily Danger / Press

"This EP is personal with haunting lyrics and beautiful ballads. Emily danger is definitely a band worth hearing."

Lawanda Johnson - Limerence Magazine

““...beautiful, perfectly executed songs that defy categorization. 6 out of 6 stars.””

Music Review Unsigned

“Emily Danger pushes the definition of indie rock while providing a one-of-a-kind listening experience. The world has yet to be exposed to music so richly unique and layered with talent”

Lemonade Magazine

"The most important thing music can do for its listener is provide them with a soundscape for many moods and atmospheres, and Emily Danger accomplish this effortlessly, if not flawlessly.” "Nicholas’ voice truly serves as an instrument in its own right and, not only does the listener get mesmerized in her singing, they don’t want it to end" "...the entire time one is listening to it, a soundtrack is imagined; the best part being, the film is entirely your own. The lyrics are just vague enough that anyone can give it their own meaning and make it about their own situation. That is precisely what makes people connect so powerfully with music."

“On each of the four songs on Paintings, Emily Danger proves their proficiency with their various instruments while creating music that is both haunting and atmospheric.”

Songs for Them to Sing