Emily Capell / Press

“It's not as if we need another good reason to melt Lily Allen down, but Emily Capell sounds like the only wise and street wise pop -mangling-mistress that you're likely to need”


“Funny but fierce, an incredible guitarist with insane song writing skills and a beautiful voice to top it all off”


“I think you might be BRILLIANT”

Mat Horne - Actor

“Emily Capell is probably the artist that Lily Allen wishes she was; alternative, witty, current and fresh. Forgive me for getting excited, but I think a wonderful new talent has just arrived”

Kev W - Sounds XP

“A talented young lady”

Joey Barton - QPR

“Sweet soft vocals with hard hitting lyricism that really makes you sit up and listen.”

Gary Crowley - BBC London

“A fresh approach to modern acoustic music and really does raise a smile”

“'Amazing intelligent pop.'”

Joanne Romaniuk - London Fields Radio

“'LOVE this song (Louis Matthews). LOVE this girl. LOVE.'”

Jed Shepherd - Phoenix FM


Bethan Elfyn - Amazing Radio / Radio Wales

“'Emily is a loveable firecracker on stage; she has so much energy and charm...a real star in the making.'”

Amy Lame, Radio Broadcaster (BBC6)

“Emily is a rare talent that is poised for success, and I’m honored to be a part of her exciting career”