Eli Menezes / Press

“Featured on Xotic.us website: RC Booster The RC Booster has been an essential part of my rig for years. Being in NY, I often have to use backline amps and the RC just adds that great "tubes being pushed" sound to any amp! I really like the way it opens up the sound and gives you a slight and very natural compression! BB Preamp-AT, EWS Arion Chorus MOD The BB AT and the EWS Arion Chorus Modification also won an instant spot on my pedalboard. The BB is so musical and it sounds great with HB and Single Coils alike. It also works very well as an almost clean boost. The EWS Chorus on the Vibe setting is my "go to" modulation effect. EP Booster More recently I started using the EP booster. WOW! It really thickens the sound and the switches inside make it a very versatile boost. I've been using mine as boost at the end of the chain but sometimes it sounds so good that I just leave it on all the time. It stacks very well with other boosts and ODs as well! Thank You Xotic!" Eli Menezes”