Eleven 11 / Press

“If you wish you could hear more old-school rock sounds from a new band, look no further than Eleven 11, a cross genre band that captures the spirit of the 70′s and the progressive aggression of the 90′s. We don’t get much of such old-soul original materials these days so its always a pleasant experience to come across a band like Eleven 11 once in a blue moon.”

“When you see a guy with a guitar these days, you think you know what to expect. When it comes to Eleven 11, forget what you think you know. This is a unique sound in this genre -- Western music with an Eastern influence that re-defines folk music. Shyam's writing is intelligent, creative and thoughtful, his guitar playing goes well beyond mere accompaniment, and his vocals soar above it all, taking the listener on a musical journey that few other singers can match. Highly recommended!! ”

“A very unique sound which I really appreciated. The singer has a beautiful tone, which is so emotional and really pulled me in”

Lynn Verlayne Studio - Lynn Verlayne (Artist Development Specialist)

"Raj's extensive vocal range means songs like Caroline and the sprawling title track boast some awe-inspiring metal-style vocals."

“More arch and self-conscious is Eleven 11, aka Singapore boy Shyam Raj, who has moved to the United States and released a prog-rock EP with him intoning like Steven Tyler's love child.”

Kai Chai - The Straits Times

“At times it shows some influence from bands like Creed or Soundgarden and other 90′s era rock bands. Drawing on Raj’s expansive musical knowledge the songs are punctuated by ambient noise and spontaneously composed interludes. The project itself represents something very deep to Shyam and he worked hard to keep it an entirely independently financed endeavor.”