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In her debut album Eleanor sings a range of songs exploring different aspects of loss.The haunting quality of her voice is reminiscent of Celtic styles.She has lived in Scotland,New Zealand and Australia.Eleanor's strong vocals and lyrical harmonies support each other perfectly.
Eleanor is a unique artist,unafraid to express her pain in song.This album is dedicated to her late sister who sang with Eleanor for many years. She has been lead singer in four rock bands over the years. Her solo career spans eight years and she has been writing songs since the age of fourteen. Eleanor trained in classical piano when she was young but gave it up to teach herself acoustic guitar. She was out singing within three weeks of teaching herself to play guitar. While living in Sydney NSW she got involved in opera training for three years to teach her how to protect her voice. Eleanor was singing in a rock band at the time. She has been influenced by a variety of artists over the years. Her favourite artists include The Cure, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen,and a range of Celtic performers. She sings cover songs by a Scottish band called Runrig who come from the Isle of Skye. Although Eleanor has a Celtic sound she has written a range of songs covering social issues over the years. She believes strongly in the power of song to change people's attitudes. Tracy Chapman is another artist that Eleanor admires and she sings some of her songs. More and more Eleanor is drawn to artists like Leonard Cohen who 'tell it like it is.' She is always surprised how Celtic her music sounds and believes that Celtic music touches people in a positive way.

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Eleanor Pinkerton
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Celtic / Soft rock / world music

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