Ed Kabotie "One Man Jam" / Press

“Kabotie brings spiritual entertainment”

“Ed Kabotie performed as a one-man-band and shared personal and cultural stories from his Hopi and Tewa Heritage in the Stories To Life series on November 17, 2013, at the Coconino Center for the Arts... Stories To Life coordinator, Judy Finney, commented that Ed, “is an exceptional educator/performer…and was a true professional and a pleasure to work with.” Surveys gathered from the performance from audience members consistently reported that the program contributed to their quality of life by providing a better understanding of Native American cultures and current struggles. They were equally impressed with his honesty, vulnerability, sincerity, artistry, strength, and hope. He brought a timeless element of beauty to life by entwining history and song to illuminate the stories of his people... He shares his kindness and understanding of pain from the heart with warmth and compassion.”

“There is a subtle deception to Ed Kabotie’s demeanor. He is both eloquent and articulate. He’s soft spoken but in casual banter, he’s quick on his feet. He’s not the type of person you would figure to have auditioned and played drums for a band called Cryptic Slaughter. In talking with Kabotie, it’s apparent that the levels by which he operates as a musician are ten stories high. To call his music versatile is an understatement. His musical roots have been forged in heavier rock but his most recent musical outings are steeped in folk storytelling, Native American instrumentation and reggae. As of current, Kabotie has no less than four music projects going at once. He goes between being a drummer, a flautist and a guitarist/vocalist. Obviously, music is his livelihood and he lives by the mantra of keys and time signatures...”

“KUYI 88.1 Male Artist of the Year 2009 - Listeners' Choice Award”