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Ciao ^_^
My name is Roberto

I'm a music therapist/ singer- songwriter
That has found something so personal in getting lost in the unexpected choise of playing an instrument.

For those who will be interested, this is an album that I've been chosen to rappresent it's called
"In which we all belong"
it's a rappresentation of a story that you've never heard, a story that you've never seen, a story that it's always ready to happen.

The professial approach in recording the tracks on the profile, it's connected within the tentative of catching the echoes of far away stories, and their ever changing details, trying to catch the atmosphere of the places where something has begun, and find out its own end.

Just a witness-listener that has been chosen to rappresent all of this.

"Reasons guide these goals, controlling all of me
a living pulsing statement, lost in a daily call for those who will be listening".
I would like to allow the inspiration itself, to find out a way to reach people's life

Stepped on the wandering way, I found myself driven through the choises of rappresenting this music that created me, in a way that could be helpful for somebody else.

Through the music that I rappresent, I'm sharing shards of collected experiences; daily inspiring, daily inspired.

I would like to create a personal and special place for those who will be interested in individual counseling, through a future skype account that I will create.

If you will be ever interested, please: Don't hesitate.
Feel free to send me a message about it. ^_^

The goal of this special meeting will be set in the first moment, a moment that people will be seriously considering as an alternative for their life, trying to reach the unseen through a new whole point of view.

Why are you in here?
What's your life goal?
Do you think that it's necessary to have it one or more, don't you?

How it's your life?

Nothing unusual.


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