The Earthlings / Press

“There are so many moving parts in this band that it all seems to be moving together very smoothly. Great flow. I love your vibe, you guys are just having a good time. And it always is an adventure with these guys. All these songs, they just make me laugh, and I love them.”

Jonathan Sutton, 105.5 MMM Radio Madison

“I love watching you guys, you're having a blast on stage. It’s so much fun to watch you.”

Pat Gallagher, Magic 98 Radio Madison

“Each and every one of your songs were very different..it was really tight”

James McMahon - President of WAMI

“Love the jangly sound, harmonies are really great. Keep it up and you guys are gonna be, like, the greatest.”

Brooke Jackson - Pabst Theater

“I love the harmony...You guys have great songwriting skills and voices.”

Kat Froelich - 88Nine Radio Milwaukee