Drop Top Lincoln / Press

“The Colorado-based quartet blasts high-octane roots rock like no tomorrow. They like to describe themselves as "gutterbilly," which works for me. It's a little growly and a little skeevier than your usual rockabilly fare, nor do they wink at faux retro stylings. Drop Top Lincoln really is in love with the cars and bars and strippers they like to sing about. As one reviewer put it, "As soon as I heard these...songs, I grew a beard and became drunk." Wish I could grow the beard, but at least I can get myself drunk, and Sixxx Dollar Suit will be my soundtrack.”

“One of my favorites on the album is Primer Grey Ford, which can be a love story about a man and his car, or a longtime relationship that needs some fixing, you be the judge, just remember "when I bought her she was pretty, but she ain't pretty any more". Hard Right and Flat Black are pure rocker's, you might have to replay them a few times to get your fix. If you like guitar, beer, whiskey, cars, motorcycles, but more importantly Rock and Roll, this CD should be in your collection.”

“Drop Top Lincoln debut album 'Sixxx Dollar Suit' is knuckle busting garage and cruising music, so while you're bench racing, wrenching on old bones or thundering down the highway or just plain pounding down some cold ones grab your crew and blast this excellent band!”