Dr Flya / Press

“Dr Flya has got that funky, funky groove that makes your backbone slip. Love this artist's style and playing.”


“Sweet Lips...Awesome!!”

Juice Cannon-Reverbnation

“Sweet Lips is wicked Mr Flya”

Andrew Austin-Reverbnation

“Yea! 'Cold One' is Funkin Outasight man!”

Barry Tones-Reverbnation

“Some of the very best rhythm guitar, and lead soloing work, we've heard in a long, long time. Dr Flya has the musical heart & soul of a funk giant, and he knows how to ride that funky pocket... right on the hypnotic groove.”

Klint,Tony & Dom-TPK-Reverbnation

“funk n rock is way cool! digging the sounds man!”

Dennis and The Invisible Men-Reverbnation

“This shit is so funky my headset fell off and was smoking,yeah! man it's funky and it reminds me of Bootsy/George Clinton & the the Funkadelics,some wicked shit my brother”

“Sweet Lips..Yeah love it man great work!”

Gary(VLay)- Reverbnation

“Love Sweet Lips!!”


" Funk n Rock " is a winner track!

The Fabulous Del Counts-Reverbnation

“Funk n Rock is f*%$ing HOT!!!!!!”

Andrew Austin-Reverbnation

"I Want To Know You" is an awesome song!

White Grizzly=Reverbnation

"I Want to Know You" Outstanding!


“'I Want To Know You', hard hitting funky rocker that lays down a heavy dose of soulful guitar playing. You got to dig Dr Flya if there is any rhythm in your swagger. One of the BEST on RN!”

Klint, Tony & Dom - TPK-Reverbnation

“Wicked stuff esp Odyssey Dance ~ love that bass!!”

“Odyssey Dance!! Damn, this track is crazy!! Sounds, rhythm, and that Guitar is out of this world!”


“Odyssey." Great Cool Rockin' Soulful Track. Love the vocals too”

"On The Floor"..heeeeeeee..its cool man!


“Snake Charmer is COOL!!”


“This rocks! Man you rock like nobody and your sounds are super crazy!”


“I love your vibe and style man! You got it, keep rocking”

JD Greer-Reverbnation

“A Million Miles Away" Overall quite a nice sound”