Down Home / Press

“It feels like 1968 Stones tackling a country number and do you need a better reason to listen? Exhausted physically, emotionally, and having given up on something that still matters, but don’t work no more, Estes pours himself a double, and resigns himself to all he’s got left; memories.”

“Ah, the siren call effect that Nashville has on artists…it’s almost as if the record industry allure of Los Angeles and the “If I can make it here…” New York attitude paired in a north central city in Tennessee. That also happens to claim country music headquarters and may be one of the bigger singer/songwriter towns around. So, when I hear of a recent relocation to the city, I’m not usually surprised. And such is the case with alt country Americana outfit, Down Home. After all, there is a home there for their genre-laden amalgam of blues tinge, songwriter sentiment and folksy rock. Now set to release their debut full-length, DHB brings every musical facet at their disposal on Monrovia. Take “Cajun Queen” with its vivid New Orleans imagery in the lyrical matter. DHB captured the ethos of the track with a complementary “swamp rock” feel of blues electric fills over blues-tinged acoustic pick and strum work, complete with obligatory harmonica honks through to the o”

“After a few hours of sifting through raw material fresh out of the studio, I began to notice that the songs Jeff just cut all fit together in one immensely personal and telling story of love lost and heartache felt. I’m amazed at how a man who’s less than a quarter-century old can have so much to say about love, life and triumph. With a voice that sounds musky from the whiskey he drank the night before, and guitar picking that sends marvelous melodies through your mind, this collection of raw, uncut songs paints an authentic look at the music of Jeff Estes.”

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