Doug Peterson / Press

“Dude, I just listened to your playlist...if Halloween had their version of Christmas carols (y'know, besides how all the stations play "Thriller" and "Monster Mash" around that time...) Then "Ukelele of the Dead" would easily stand among them. Wonder if they ever ran into any werewolves in London....Gottta give further props to "walking up to you" , "Ninjas with Shotguns", and "Mechanical Chipmunk." Seriously, did you steal Frank Zappa's songbook? I won't tell anyone...”

Keith Thompson - Keith Thompson

“Your performance was super! The music was outstanding and everyone commented on how you were one of the best acts they've had there!”

Ryan B.

“Really enjoyed your show at Jumpin' Java, Grand Haven- nice mix of covers, originals, and old ballads. You are a raconteur with rhythm! Thanks for a good night out.”