“..post-indie Nirvana has-been wannabees XXXXX – were quickly blown away by the towering mass of DOUBLE-WIDE and their infectious southern-rock laden stoner blues metal. An unholy union of Clutch, Down, Eyehategod and Lynyrd Skynyrd, with Jack Daniel wetting the baby’s head, the trio pummelled their way through a set dominated by their powerful debut album, ’18 Wheels Of Misery’, with the highlights being the mighty bass-driven builder ‘Devil’s Ride’ and a new tune, the deadly downtuned ‘Rollin’.... ”

Mark Ashby-Hevy Petal - LimeLight Live Review 2011

“.. listen to "Hell’s Redemption"...it emerges from the speakers like the sludge from a Louisiana swamp, slow swagger that snarls dreadfully like Phil Anselmo in a bad mood...”

Jonathan Traynor, Belfast Metal Heads Re-United. - 18 Wheels Of Misery Review

“...There are quite a few Southern metal influenced bands across the UK and Ireland, not least amongst them Snakebite and Castero, but not all of them are good. Fortunately Double-Wide, from the earliest notes of this album, prove themselves to be in the top echelon of British and Irish bands playing this form of music.... ”

Mike Thompson-Ice Vajel Magazine - 18 Wheels Of Misery Review

“..Their grooving, thick metal harks immediately to Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society. Slightly more surprisingly (if only for the rarity of the connection) there’s an absolutely huge debt in here to Metallica’s Load albums, though liberal doses of Corrosion of Conformity and a smidgen of Pantera’s rhythm guitar are of course here as well."They’ve done right in here, they’ve genuinely done right...”

Ciaran Tracey-Metal Ireland - 18 Wheels Of Misery Review

“...With the kick of a diseased mule to the balls the trio lay down a mighty sound. Southern metal influences like Pantera are there, but this Northern Ireland act have carved out a sound, marking them out as well worth some ear-battering...”