DoryDrive / Press

“TuneLab Featured Band Interview: On how the band came together.. I was on tour with Echovalve and Joan Red supporting the Echoes in Red Tour. Joey Zak, who is now the Drummer for DoryDrive, was filling in on drums for my friend Rick Anderson, who unfortunately could not make the tour.Towards the end of the tour, Echovalve had broken down in Nashville and we needed a spot to crash. Joan Red was staying with one of Joey’s friends, who turned out being an amazing engineer and producer, so they invited us to crash while the bus was getting fixed. A day and a half went by and Joey and I found ourselves talking about the future and what both of us were looking for in a side project, while throwing a football in the middle of the neighborhood on “Dory Drive”. After the tour ended I went home and made plans for Joey and the former members of Marashino, “Tom LaBrosse, Henry Koller, and Nick Mendini” to travel down to my house for a writing session. It is now all history in the making.”