doomslang / Press

“As the self-recording moniker for lo-fi maestro Joshua McCormack, the songs of Doomslang have always been endearingly shrouded and oddly inviting. He balances Sigur Rós-ish vocals with mournful and elegant freak-folk and a kitchen-sink vibe that recalls Beck and the Elephant 6 collective. Stay At Home is his second collection and was originally released as a free download last summer, but it’s now getting a legitimate (and deserved) cassette release via California’s Sad Tapes. It’s more mellow and lusher than 2009’s Plushmouth, anchored by would-be folk tunes that get lost in beautifully shambolic vocals and instrumental layers...resulting in a beguiling collection that captures Doomslang’s idiosyncrasies at their very best.”

“Woah!! Did not expect a beautiful voice to bubble up from all the debris in that audio, but it’s there, just under the loose, warbling recording. DOOMSLANG‘s def got a unique sound, and it appears he’s taken lo-fi to a whole new level, making the beautiful moments fight their way through. But at the end of the day, there’s a catchy, gorgeous vocal line down there, and it all comes together to shock me into the weekend. Stunned and really taken aback by this sound. Super interested in seeing what else this dude’s got.”