The Don of Division St. / Press

“Drummers are the butt of many a music-related joke, but on “Animals In Love,” local drummer-about-town Matt Cadenelli reveals himself to be a top-notch songsmith and far more than just a guy who keeps the beat. Going by the moniker “The Don Of Division Street,” Cadenelli – who plays with Fernando, Celilo, Dr. Theopolis, the Lewi Longmire Band and others – has crafted the perfect late summer album, with loads of good-natured pop songs delivered with a laidback flair reminiscent of Tom Petty”

Barbara Mitchell - Portland Tribune

“While bringing in the heavy musical artillery certainly didn't hurt, it's Cadenelli's material that shines brightest. From the opening pop-rock gem, "When I Release Me," through rave-ups like "You're Gone" clear through to the stark and poignant closer "Lost in the Daylight," Cadenelli makes it clear that he's not just the Don of Division Street -- he's a mayoral-quality musical force to be reckoned with. ”

Barbara Mitchell - The Oregonian

“On Animals in Love, the singer-songwriter travels a street dividing his own darkness and light. Many of the songs are upbeat pep talks or declarations of love, so it’s shocking when the two penultimate tracks burst forth with palpable rage...”

“in general, it would be arrogant to brag that you'd never learned to crawl before you learned to fly. But most people aren't Matt Cadenelli. That's what makes his debut album, recorded under the nom de plume the Don of Division Street, so refreshing. ”