Donna Ulisse / Press

"..Her vocals throughout the album are honest and pure. It was wonderful how the instruments responded to her as we tracked each tune...The song was the focus; we built the track around that. Many records totally miss that concept, but that to me, is what makes this record special."

Keith Sewell - Producer & Skaggs Family Recording Artist

"It's hard to say which is more exciting, Donna's singing or her songwriting. 'When I Look Back' instantly establishes her as one of Bluegrass music's most formidable stars"

Wade Jessen - Billboard

“Listening to Donna Ulisse is like smelling sweet honeysuckle or listening to the sound of a clear mountain stream...An exquisite disc that should give discerning listeners hours of pleasure for years to come.”

Alan Cackett,Editor - Maverick Music Magazine, UK