Donna Fullman / Press

“With a captivating voice akin to a young Stevie Nicks, Donna's melodies dance around the soul like fireflies on a crystal clear night. ”

Richard Ward - Overhead Wires Music

“Angelic voiced Brighton Artist - Donna Fullman features in our Best Tracks of 2012.”

“Voice of an Angel”

Ross Hemsworth - Glastonbury Radio

“Voice of an Angel”

“Brighton artist Donna Fullman has knocked us sideways with this lovely number. Her album Inner World is out next month and is full to the brim of equally haunting and beautiful tracks. It’s the voice that does it for us, pure, classic and bewitching.”

““By The Fire” is very haunting, so much so in fact that in such a simple way it chills the heart and soul completely, forcing the listener to give their full attention. Donna Fullman has an exceptional voice, it’s beautiful, and we’d love to hear more of it.”

“Absolutely Brilliant.”

Seth Lakeman - Ropetackle Arts (March 2011)

“Donna has an amazingly haunting voice, beautiful and honest, she's not trying to be like someone else, she holds her own. It's a really great EP and I would strongly recommend people to pick up a copy. Especially those with a taste for old irish folk music, as a lot of the tracks kind of hold that feel for me. I like it! I like it a lot!”

“With a sound that recalls classic Cowboy Junkies at their Trinity Sessions best, Donna Fullman’s Emerald Eyes is a track that allows the band to find the perfect pocket while Fullman’s plaintive voice is allowed plenty of room to work its soulful magic. Sparse yet powerful, the song showcases a solid lyrical foundation on which Fullman builds an unforgettable musical experience for her listeners.”

““Integrity, talented song writing, wit and a total lack of ego – something that is rarely found in this business – but Donna Fullman has it in spades. Performing live on South:Live she blended poetic lyrics with the romanticism of Woodstock and the heady notes of the far east”.”

“'Donna Fullman at her quietist is Martha Wainwright without balls, owing to her higher sense of lyricism. Her simple yet eloquent melodies swoop low over steel-strung chords in an unpretentious manner affecting those around her to stop and listen. So stop and listen.'”

OM - Bed Springs Music Promotions

“‘Happiness + Victory’ is a delicious mixture of various musical influences which leaves the listener longing for more. This EP transcends the everyday and leads the listener down a mystical labyrinth of song. Bells, chimes, and an aura of enchantment open the disc, with an Eastern backbeat reminiscent of Loreena McKennitt. In all, ‘happiness + victory’ gets four stars from me-absolutely one of the best EPs I have ever come across. If you are a fan of Lulu, Dusty Springfield, Stevie Nicks, Loreena McKennitt, or Duffy, I know you will adore this EP by Brighton’s next star-Donna Fullman.”

“This is sit down and listen to music, candles and red wine, with the exception of "Hello Shanghai" which is more of an embrace your partner and dance seductively around the room type number. Donna Fullman has laid down a marker of intent. ”

“'When Fullman dons her blues coat you can hear something further down in her soul, much like Jim Morrison would have been before breaking into his less temperamental and more r&b type tracks from L.A. Woman.'”

Oliver McGhie - Classical Guitar Magazine