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"mp3 Dollar Bin- Beautiful Dancer: A sad ballad building to an epic, jarring psychedelic freak out; Related styles, rock, psychedelic rock; rock-adult alternative: mood: brooding. People who are interested in Dream Syndicate, Mission of Burma, Neil Young & Crazy Horse should consider this download: A Donald Keesing song off the yet to be released Dollar Bin album Hug Me Or I Shall Destroy You"

"Dollar Bin- Neon Reptile mp3- A driving, raucous garage punk tune about frustration with absurd psychedelic lyrics...mood: quirky, people who are interested in Iggy Pop, Johnny Thunders, Robyn Hitchcock should consider download. A Donald Keesing tune from his band Dollar Bin's...Hug Me Or I Shall Destroy You"

“Play it again: Downtown buskers entertain for fun, survival: At night, bar-hoppers might spot another performer in College Square: guitarist and singer Donald Keesing. Keesing, known at open mic nights and on the internet as Donkee Tonk, has been making music for 30 years. He was a choir boy at age 10, but he became a part of the D.C. punk scene before pursuing country music. He came to Athens after spending time in other music towns like Charlottesville, Va. and Asheville, N.C.... And, said Keesing, motivation is key. “It’s joy,” he said. “I never play a song I’m not feeling. I really love playing those rolling sets and decompressing at the Waffle House afterwards. It is joy, and yeah, I think if you don’t feel it, you shouldn’t do it. You can’t sell a song you’re not feeling. I mean, people can tell what you’re feeling. If I’m not feeling it, I shut the case and leave.””

“Dollar Bin-The Quiet Friend mp3 "A rowdy, brooding celebration of being overlooked...mood: angry, consider this download if you're interested in Blue Cheer, The Rolling Stones, The Who. A Donald Keesing song from Dollar Bin's yet to be released album "Hug Me Or I Shall Destroy You"”

"Donald Keesing- The Aztec Heart Treatment: Extremely powerful and soulful songs. Straight from the heart and soul of Donald Keesing" Skelp on Bandcamp

"Donald Keesing- The Aztec heart Treatment: Though this record is marred with some production flaws, look for the gems and seek out Donald Keesing's other work. He is a Leonard Cohenesque gypsy who walks it like he talks it. Enjoy!"- The Love Load on Bandcamp

“Listening to Dollar Bin's CD in the morning gets my blood pumping and ready for the day! ”

“Dollar Bin- Hug Me Or I Shall Destroy You “a stylistic grab-bag, encompassing bluesy rock, garage, country, surf and Hawaiian music, with a few intriguing covers… while the playing is casual, loose and shambolic, it also oozes rock ‘n’ roll.If their live show is “very popular with walk-ins”, then this album perfectly captures the experience of one of those aimless, bleary-eyed bar-hoppers.”-Mark Suppanz, June 2010”

Mark Suppanz - Big Takeover 66, 30th Anniversary Issue

“29.dollar bin hug me or I shall destroy you ”

“Donald Keesing- The Aztec Heart Treatment "I have long harbored disdain for pop music, dismissing it as the sad country cousin to real rock. Some things snared my esteem like the Police, the Cars, and the Knack, but for me, the best practitioner of Pop has always been a tie between Bowie and the Kinks. I don't think it any stretch to include Donald Keesing in this august company; his lyrics, his able fusion of humor and melancholy, and the capacity to write catchy tunes which stick in my head hours after hearing them all embody what I wish Pop music would do, instead of following trite and marketable formulas."”

Peter Burris - Peter Burris Blog

“Donald Keesing- The Aztec Heart Treatment "The album is a delightfully demented romp through a musical landscape dotted with psychedelia, country, punk, folk, 60's garage, slippery saxophone and the-sound-of-things-falling-apart grooves. Keesing's smoky baritone provides the narrative focus while a cast of thousands- including Honeypole's Norman van der Sluys and the Black Cat's Bernie Wandel- provides the backdrop. The texture is dense yet atmospheric; think of the Kingdom of Leisure meets However. "The Aztec Heart Treatment" definitely stands up to repeat listenings- just when you think Keesing has done it all, he pulls another rabbit out of his hat. This one's a winner."”

Marcus Esposito - Snap Pop!

““Rain Crow play tight, intense, Velvet Underground-like head music. Deeply textured, flowing and full of fantastic guitar work. Icy Stairs is a beauty of a song.” -,”

Jimijam - DC Rox

““Give It Time is the best cut on the EP -it’s got a good groove, the harmonies are gritty, but pretty (like John and Exene), The guitars hummmmm like a stoned hummingbird on a lazy, hot day.” -John Thundercat, , Fall ‘88”

John Thundercat - WDC Period

“Buy it, beg it, borrow it or steal it (Between Showers 7’ EP) Rain Crow is one of the best new bands on vinyl today””

Larry Helm - George Washington University Hatchet, Feb 2, 1989

“22. $Dollar Bin$...Sleepwalk...from their Hug Me Or I Shall Destroy You CD....Washington DC old farts who play for fun!!! Which is the way it should be! ”

“” Rain Crow is less headbang and more tuneful kinda folk-rock. The band has a more powerful kick, but they seem to value melodies over total raunch blur. John Boyd (Benskin)’s guitar is sturdy and tough, while vocalists Lynn Buchanan and Donald Keesing lock in some fine, supple harmonies.” - , —”

John Dougan - Option Magazine May/June ‘89

““Rain Crow… play creative, kinda droopy post-punk psychedelia with a country good naturedness.” -, , Nov. 4, 1988”

Elizabeth Greene - Washington City Paper

"Where popular music tends to paint with broad strokes, folk and punk cut right to the heart of the issue. From Yucca Mountain to School of the Americas to the power line they want to push through you backyard, the song of dissent is a needed wake up call to the people affected most. Pat Humphries and Sandy O., Tom Neilson, Donald Keesing, Ani DiFranco, Sarah Themsen and Dar Williams are all progressive artists unafraid to play at benefit concerts, actions or marches.. Nukewatch Pathfinder -Paul Vos Benkowski Summer 2006

Paul Vos Benkowski - Nukewatch Pathfinder