Domination Of Presence / Press

“Friday the 13th Murderious Metal Night @ Snowzee's in Sunderland, MA. "Come out for this murderous evening, and get your face shredded by guitars!" Headlining Domination Of Presence. With Widow Sunday, GRZELAKURSE, Our Darkest Day, and Heal The Destroyer”

“If your into heavy metal, then you belong at Easy Street in Greenfield, they understand you. This Saturday, Greenfield's Domination Of Presence is headlining a benefit there for Greenfield family's whose homes were affected by mud that washed into there area in March. As for Domination Of presence, They say, "stop your hesitation, heed the call of domination!" Here's a few more detials from the band. Started in the spring of 2009 as a group of friends with a love for music. With a stomp/grove/sludge metal influince, the band wants people to get lost in there music. The guys are known to bring the show from the stage to the floor.”

“Metal Night! Come to get your face melted.”