Dogs on the Lam / Press

"If you missed Saturday night, it was packed to the rafters. Dogs on the Lam will do that to a place!"

Dr. Nick Redbone - Local DJ for I-ROCK 102.1

"We all like music, and when we’re together that’s what it is all about: the music." - Otis Otero...Excerpt from 'Dogs On The Lam makes mark on Magic Valley music scene' - Times News Entertainment article

"Now I know what all the commotion is about." "They're a Diamondz favorite!"

Greg Dodson - Diamondz Bar, Jerome - Owner

““I hear a lot of groups and know what good music is. These guys are good musicians, and they play off the crowd."”

Kim McClure - Owner - The Oasis Bar

"STAND BACK - THESE DOGS GOT BITE! Everyone in the place loved 'em & with a big dog following and that kinda talent these Dogs are way ahead of the pack!!"

ChrisRoq Chasse - NUROQ FM