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“It is so very hard to know in today's online world what opportunities are real for an artist and why I went the extra mile to see who Doc Holiday and his A Team were before I decided to say yes. All I can say now is I had the absolute time of my life in Nashville. Doc Holiday is a brilliant man and a musical genius. The moment I met him I felt completely at ease but it wasn't until I saw how he worked with his team at Quad studios that I knew I was watching a legend perform at his craft with people he loved and cared about and that felt the same about him. I was in awe from day one until I left Nashville and didn't want my time with him and his team to end. I love his no BS style and honesty that is so direct you know exactly where you stand. Every decision he made with my song was translated instantly to his amazing A Team that could play the heck out of any song and in any style at his request. It was obvious to me there was tremendous respect for Doc by his team”

Robin Lee Field - International Recording Artist

“A BIG “Thank You” to Doc Holiday and the “A” Team! Being with you at Quad studio was quite an experience I’ll never forget! It’s really amazing to see such fine talent at work. Ya all made me laugh with your enthusiasm and energy in the room and on the board. I admired what you did and how you did it! The studio was “hopping!” Doc, your words of encouragement pushed me to the hills! Your faith in my music made my faith (in the studio) even stronger. The “go back in time” piano noodling left me begging for more. “I Could Have Walked Away” is certain to be a hit. You know why? Because you are a person who pursues other’s dreams. Thank you for making my trip to Nashville, TN a huge success!”

Terri G - International Recording Artist

““It was a trip I won’t forget. When I arrived from Canada and got checked into my hotel, I felt a huge stress coming my way. The moment I met Doc Holiday, it was like he was family. It wasn’t a handshake, it was a hug and from that moment on, the days ahead, fell into place. I wrote a song about me going to Nashville one day. In the song, I mention Tammy, Loretta and Patsy, ‘the Superstars’, in my eyes. Doc is a Producer that will make it happen. He took me to Loretta’s Ranch and gave me the opportunity to feel the inspiration I had been feeling for years. I personally met the family and I know the emotion I felt that day, is the emotion I hear in my song, when I listen to it. I am a Traditional Country Singer. I write music from ‘deep within’ and working with Doc Holiday and his fabulous ‘A Team’ I knew I didn’t have to change the way I feel”

Alma Sibley - International Recording Artist

“I didn't know what to expect with Doc and the legendary "A Team" because I had never met them before. I was totally blown away by the professionalism of the group. It was so amazing to hear them playing my song in a completely new way and nailing it right on the head the first time. The most talented group of guys I've ever worked with and would LOVE to work with them all again soon! I had goose bumps hearing the song being played back and I knew instantly that what Doc had created was going to be huge. My mom cried while sitting on the couch listening to it being played back, she looked and me and smiled. I hadn't seen her that happy and hopeful for my music in a long time! That was a great feeling for us to share together. We both share the same love and passion for music and too see them work that kind of magic was a dream come true for us and an unforgettable experience! ”

Brody Ray - International Recording Artist

“Doc I heartily agree with Steve ,, and I couldn't write it any better .. you are one of the best in the business .. regards ..Wyn Machon ,, Presenter .on. Oamaru Heritage Radio 88.3 FM .. Oamaru New Zealand ..”

Wyn Machon ,, Presenter .on. Oamaru Heritage Radio 88.3 FM .Oamaru New Zealan - Wyn Machon ,, Presenter .on. Oamaru Heritage Radio 88.3 FM .Oamaru New Zealan

“There isn't anything Doc couldn't do.....I can relate to his life, as mine is somewhat similar, but on a much more private level. He is my gift to my music and has made my songs, true Traditional Country that will live forever. Alma Sibley”

Country Recording Artist ALMA SIBLEY - Country Recording Artist ALMA SIBLEY

“Doc is the best. Although I haven't known Doc long. I know I can trust him and his work. I consider him a Friend, I can call anytime and ask for advice and not get a line of B.S. Love ole, Doc, I do. Mike Gracy”

International Recording Artist Mike Gracy - International Recording Artist Mike Gracy

“Doc Holiday receives a recomendation from Grammy Winner STEVE PULLARA. Steve Pullara, Cool Beans Music, Incorporated has recommended your work as CEO at DreamMachine Productions/The Power Plant Studios. Dear Doc, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. "Doc Holiday is one those fine examples in the recording world that you can call a gem. He's a talented producer, engineer, musician, songwriter, spoken word voice artist, mentor and all round master of his trade. He will give you 110% in anything that you contract him to do. Doc is a seasoned pro in the music industry and I highly recommend him to anybody who wants to work with one of the best without flinching. You will not be disappointed and your recording will be produced of the highest quality. Our recording team had such fun working with Doc Holiday. Feel free to contact me for further references: Steve Pullara GRAMMY Winning Producer All About Bullies..”

Steve Pullara, Cool Beans Music, Incorporated - Steve Pullara, Cool Beans Music, Incorporated