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“DJ Rhiannon lives in Los Angeles, spinning at clubs and events around the world. She was in Vancouver earlier this month to help promote vacation opportunities at Breathless Resorts, which has five locations, including three in Mexico and one each in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. DJ Rhiannon is often featured on the Breathless program, and playing music for a resort crowd — which usually includes a diverse range of tastes — is both exciting and unique. Among the most intense experiences for her was the Burning Man festival, the counter-culture event that takes place in the Nevada desert each summer. She called the week-long experience — where there is no commercialization, no cellphone reception and no inhibitions — the “beginning of my awakening,” because of its physical and emotional challenges, and the rewards of pushing through personal boundaries. “The vibration at Burning Man is really elevated,” says DJ Rhiannon.”

“Katherine Monk: “It's my favourite frame because it's gorgeous, first of all, thanks to Rhiannon's natural features, but also because of the low-slung sun reflecting through her eyes. I tried to keep the framing square, and at right angles, to accentuate the box theme, and this features the outside world — the natural green world — beyond the frame of the car window. Rhiannon sits at the junction point, interacting with the wind and the sun, but she's in the box of the SUV — a beautiful natural creature encased in steel. It all syncs up with the bigger themes in this short little movie, namely the strange, artificial urge to box and label human beings in a bid to assign economic value.” — Katherine Monk, director, Rock the Box, a short film about a young woman's quest to enter the man-fortress of the DJ booth. Follow #cbcarts during #tiff15 for more of #Viewfinder, featuring stunning frames from Canadian movies at the festival, chosen by the filmmakers themselves.”

“Rock The Box, presented by The National Film Board as part of the TIFF Short Cuts Programme 7, is an insightful look into Rhiannon Rozier‘s struggle and eventual success at breaking into the male dominated world of EDM. As is the case for many women in male dominated careers, the Vancouver-raised DJ ran into a glass ceiling. Unwilling to let her talent go unrecognized, DJ Rhiannon decided to do something she never thought she would do: she posed for Playboy. What I loved most about this documentary was it’s perspective on the ownership of the female body. As is the case in much of today’s entertainment industry, women are continually ‘sold out’ and sexualized in order to sell their product, often with no consideration of it’s effects on the artist or society. However, in this case, we see DJ Rhiannon, an intelligent, university educated feminist take control. She is in complete control of her body and her image, and how that image is sold and branded. (Click here to r”

“Rock the Box is a short documentary about DJ Rhiannon; she's a DJ in the male dominated world of electronic dance music (EDM). She's gained popularity because of her raunchy lyrics and music videos, but there's more to Rhiannon than meets the eye. Director Katherine Monk and I talked about the glass ceiling in EDM, boobs and decks, and the real Rhiannon...”

“For Rhiannon Rozier, a university grad with a degree in political science and Latin American history, the quest to enter the man-fortress of the DJ booth will force her to confront an old feminist dilemma: use your sexuality and get noticed, or linger in the shadows. GFM: DJ Rhiannon is Canada’s number one female DJ. How did you become interested in her story? Katherine: I was contacted by a producer at the National Film Board to see if I was interested in researching a documentary about female DJs and why they haven’t been getting the same kind of media attention as their male counterparts. So we researched a bunch of female DJs; I started interviewing female DJs three years ago and though all of them had a variety of experiences, they all felt they’d sort of hit a glass ceiling. When we realized we were going to just do a short film, we really had to focus on one person. Out of all of the people I’d spoken to, DJ Rhiannon had the most exaggerated experience.”

"Rock the Box" is a 10-minute documentary short about a female DJ named Rhiannon, a straight-A student who hits the glass ceiling in the male-dominated world of Electronic Dance Music and did something she never thought she would do: Pose for Playboy. W&H: What drew you to this story? KM: I was originally approached by a National Film Board producer named Jennifer Roworth, a DJ herself, and she wanted to explore the huge gender gap in the industry. As a journalist and a feminist, this seemed like a magnificent and grotesque example of the endemic sexism we don’t often see because it’s so deeply ingrained. W&H: What was the biggest challenge in making the film? KM: The biggest challenge making the film was getting the green light. People were concerned about the controversial nature of the film and the angle of approach. They were also concerned about my lack of experience as a director. It was a tough package to sell.

“DJ Rhiannon stars in "Rock The Box", a film by The National Film Board of Canada. This documentary marks the directorial debut of film critic and author Katherine Monk. The film profiles DJ Rhiannon, a Vancouver native and UBC grad with a degree in political science, Spanish, and Latin American history, whose battle to break into the male-dominated fortress of the DJ booth has forced her to the front lines of an old feminist battle: use your sexuality and get noticed, or linger in the shadows. Rhiannon agreed to a nude Playboy shoot and has capitalized on that visibility, creating a sex-kitten alter ego that she's turned into her own cottage industry. Monk and a small crew follow this rising DJ star over the course of a gig day, in this case on a trip to Fort McMurray. In providing a portrait of one woman who's using her moral compass to navigate an industry controlled by men, Rock the Box addresses the bigger picture of how women are valued and who determines that value. (Fall 2015)”

“Read this month’s issue of DJ Magazine Canada featuring New Year’s Eve with Hardwell , the legendary Max Graham, Vancouver’s queen DJ Rhiannon, and the tinted sounds of Blond:ish.”

“Artistic ability is not easy to obtain but Rhiannon has proven otherwise with her background as a lyricist, recording artist, music video producer, rapper, actress, writer, MC, and DJ. Her ear for the beat is apparent as she uses minimal technology in her performances. Coming from a vinyl-with-turntables background she is able to play by ear. Combining that with her natural beauty and strong sex appeal, she has been recognized by many as one of the world's sexiest DJs and she's not ashamed to show it.”

“I absolutely LOVE this woman. Has anyone else fallen in love with the sounds of DJ Rhiannon?! I decided I loved her after hearing “All the Girls Do It” and “Nasty B*tch” both of which will be featured on the Girl Play soundtrack. This lady is FAB and her new song “Like A Slut” is perfect for a quirky V-Day surprise. Check out her sexy new video and share with friends! You can also catch her performing in New Orleans TONIGHT at club Ampersand. YOU BETTER WERK GIRL!”

“DJ Rhiannon really knocked it out the park with her underground club hit “Nasty Bitch”. Her cleaned up version “Nasty Chick” is starting to get airplay across the US so watch for it. The remixes are starting to drop. D-Guan made an official Dirty Dutch remix (he is based in the Netherlands), Manik (Digitune) freaked an excellent hard electro mix and now the Chi2Cali (Quality x DirrtyDee) have come thru with their “DirtyBmore” remix. This is a club banger. So Awesome. Play it in the club. Watch the panties go flying.”

“If you’ve witnessed any of the flirtatious frame-of-mind that DJ Rhiannon purports in her unique, Katy-Perry-Meets-Mike-Tyson style, which runs rampant in her videos for Nasty Bitch and All The Girls Do It, it isn’t hard to see why our dazzling Miss December is a walking & talk… er… rapping, aphrodisiac. But one of the things that makes this lascivious Libra stand out to us, is her confidence. “I am very comfortable in my own skin” she spiels “and I try to keep physically, mentally, and spiritually fit so that I’m ready for anything!””

“DJ Rhiannon es otra personalidad que regresa a Cancun originaria de Canada. Rhiannon lleva mas de 10 años detras de las tornamesas ademas de que escribe y produce sus propios temas. Esta vez fue en Palazzo Cancun donde se llevo acabo la fiesta y es que la verdad no pudo haber un mejor lugar para ella. Rhiannon tomo el stage donde se presento ante el publico quien la recibió con los brazos arriba. La canadiense siempre con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja, brincando saltando y mezclando con toda la energia del mundo. Un momento memorable fue cuando tomo el microfono mientras mezclaba uno de sus sencillos “Nasty Bitch” si la cancion es sugestiva, cantada en vivo es mil veces mas. La fiesta estubo tan buena que Rhiannon no dejo de tocar hasta las 4:30 de la mañana.”

“DJ Rhiannon is one FIERCE b*tch to say the least and I am head over heels in love with her new single Nasty Bitch. The video pushes the boundaries and leaves the viewers thinking “what the hell just happened?” This video is FAB! Check out a few of the stills below as well as the actual video.”

“Music Video Premiere: Here's the trap remix video for DJ Rhiannon's "Nasty Bitch" in which a granny is forced to watch a dick-nosed puppet in leather chaps get whipped.”

“Sak Noel and DJ Rhiannon, despite division by their gender, nationality, style, and intent, share the necessary keys to the world of stardom: a few songs apiece that have garnered enough attention to have them touring around the world. ...[DJ Rhiannon] A well-established DJ who has spun with heavyweights such as Tiesto and Deadmau5, this University of British Columbia graduate has begun recording her own tracks. Her rap music, which marks a departure from the EDM that she DJs in clubs, is aggressively provocative. ...In a rap scene dominated by arguably misogynistic male voices, Rhiannon hopes to offer an alternative female voice. “Whenever women talk about explicit subjects, it’s considered more shocking than when men talk about them. If you listen to lyrics by Tyga or Lil Wayne or name a male rapper, they’re usually talking about explicit things. I can’t relate to drugs or violence or wanting to drive flashy cars. People talk about what they know. I'd be posing if I talked ab”

“DJ Rhiannon has returned. She caused quite the firestorm with her super dirty track “Nasty Bitch”. She is back with more nastiness with her new single “All The Girls Do It”. Check out the video. Make sure no one is around you. It’s hot.”

“Gentlemen... & Ladies, If you're not familiar with DJ Rhiannon, that's all about to change with a single click. Press play & check out the new music video from the self proclaimed "certified #NastyB#tch". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHH-hMSGGjc”

“A good friend of mine turned me on to a FAB DJ by the name of DJ Rhiannon who’s HOTT on the scene and has eveyone talking about her new single Nasy Bitch. She has become one of my favorite femme DJ’s and I had the privelage of interviewing her this week. This girl is AWESOME! Enjoy our interview and check out the links below!”

“Yay for femme girls in pink pumps! A FAB FEMME DJ from Cali who goes by the name of DJ Rhiannon just dropped the video for her new single All the Girls Do It. I LOVE it and you girls will too. Enjoy and remember to crank this song up loud in the car!”

“We at Beezo have been supporting DJ Rhiannon since day one. We were the first to showcase her to the DJ’s when she dropped “Nasty Bitch”. The video has finally dropped. It is way beyond comprehension what you are about to watch. You might need a cold shower when you are done. NSFW if you are at your 9 to 5. Warning. Too Sexy! You may want to send the kids to the next room. Ready. Set. GO!”

“We premiered the original version of “Nasty Bitch” by DJ Rhiannon a month ago. Since then, The track has taken off with a lot of support from club, radio and mixshow DJs. Our friends DIGITUNE upped the ante with this sick remix. Super hard electro style with Rhiannon’s filthy vocals all over it. This will take you to the rave real quick. Dirty Dirty Dirty, like a “Nasty Bitch”.”

“DJ Rhiannon is sexy as hell. She also happens to be nasty with it behind the tables…so it’s only fitting that this record is entitled “Like A Slut”. If that’s not enough to get you all to check this record out…I’ve covered this post with this badass naked picture of her.”