DJ Red Sonya / Press

“With wavy, fire-red hair and crystal-blue eyes, DJ Red Sonya has all the elements to get the dance floor bumpin’ and booties bouncin’ at every San Diego club she graces with her presence. While women may make up a large portion of club goers, it’s still rare to see them on the other side of the turntables. But being a lady in the DJ industry has pushed Red Sonya to promote and practice even harder to overcome any vixen and vinyl stereotypes that may stand in her way.”

“San Diego just might be the female DJ capital of the world and it seems everywhere we go, we run into some sexy new woman on “the wheelz.” Our favorites, Red Sonya can’t be missed – and with her mane of red hair, we mean that literally. From spinning trip-hop at Zenbu Lounge to funk at Aubergine, this scarlet diva is packing them in wherever she is.”

Riviera Magazine

“On the DJ side of things, Red Sonya, half of the Lady Lush project that’s been ushering female DJs into venues across town for the past year, is making sure the club scene isn’t just one big sausage party.”

San Diego City Beat

“Indeed, we’ve come a long way from the late ’80s, when the most visible female DJ was Spinderella, third wheel of the rap duo Salt- N-Pepa, or more recently, a celebrity model/DJ like Sky Nellor. Today, turntablists like Sandra Collins, DJ Irene and Misstress Barbara are prolific forces, and locally, the likes of Miss Lisa and Red Sonya come to mind.”

SD Union Tribune

“After the show, DJ Red Sonya provided the night’s killer soundtrack complete with ambient beats and techno bleeps, which was perfect for the random make-out sessions that broke out in the Weavers Touch rug-adorned cabanas (hey, we are in a hotel; get a room!).”

Riviera Magazine