NiceGuyEddie / Press

"Outta sight - listening was a master class in doing it right - creative - the stops/changes in Jazz AtTak are brilliant - Most excellent."

"Fadded *Remix*, my fav. Enjoyed your music. thanks for being a fan"

Renora Code - RN Music

“Spot on sounds and music on "It All Started Here" All the best B-)”

“Hey I really like what your doing! Maybe we could collab in the future. Im a fan! #FollowBack”

DJ Ses - RN Music Fan

"He has the best fingers ever! I SWEAR! ;) Seriously though..your ears will thank you for listening!"

"Your mixes are BIG! Keep doing your thing!"

"You have a terrific, creative sound here! It was a pleasure to listen! Wish you much success!"

"Yes, killing the turntable! Good stuff man, you got skills."

"JazzzAtTaK" is VERY nice track, I'm impressed, really liked it." Producer & Dj Extraordinaire. "Dj Greyboy"