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“The award winning Dina Preston Band is currently in Fiji as part of American Independence Day anniversary celebrations by the US Embassy in Fiji. They were invited to perform throughout Fiji and Kiribati and the goal of their tour is to expose authentic American music genres such as country, rock, and blues in Fiji. The band performed at official celebrations at the US Embassy in Tamavua yesterday. Lead singer, Dr. Dina Preston‑Ortiz will also be lecturing and offering master classes at FNU Lautoka and also USP in global entrepreneurship, small business music management. Ortiz along with her band members will also be lecturing on American pop music business. The award winning band has received many distinguish service awards for their work abroad, including The United Nations Protection Force Distinguished Service in support of Peace Keeping Operations.”

“Dina Preston Band invited by the U.S. Embassy Suva Fiji to perform throughout Fiji and Kiribati June-July 2016 representing Arizona and the United States. The goal of the tour is to expose the Fijian broader public to authentic American music genres such as country, rock and blues. The band’s touring highlight includes a patriotic 4th of July performance at the U.S. Embassy in Fiji and in Kiribati.”

“Dina Preston Band First U.S. band to perform in concert on the island of Tarawa, Kiribati for US Embassy Suva! Awesome show! Thank you people of Kiribati! http://suva.usembassy.gov/news-events/dina-preston-band-fiji-and-kiribati-tour.html”

“Valley of the Sun and Arizona favorites, the Dina Preston Band will tour Fiji and Kiribati invited by the US Embassy Fiji.”

“Interview with singer Dina Preston and husband/lead guitarist Don Ortiz in their home on April 15, 2015”

“After about 60 seconds of the Dina Preston Band performance two factors in their incredible wall of sound had us in absolute amazement: Dina Preston's center note pitch and powerful delivery reminiscent of Pat Benetar and the smokin' hot electric lead fill playing of Don Ortiz, Dina's husband.”

“This author believes their Field of Blue video is awesome so please take three minutes of your time and watch it. The Field of Blue is referring to the U.S. flag where the stars reside and this song says the U.S. soldiers are the stars in this field of blue.”

“Dina Preston and Don Ortiz sat down with this author and his wife backstage before their concert at the Mesa Convention Center on March 14, 2015 for this four minute interview.”

“Dina Preston Band “Rockin” Country Tour Budapest 2013”

"Field of Blue" was written in tribute to our men and women who served and are stationed overseas in the Armed Forces. You are the"STARS" in the "FIELD of BLUE". www.dinapreston.com

“The U.S. Embassy is pleased to announce that the Dina Preston Band, an American country music band, will visit Azerbaijan the next week.”

“The U.S. Embassy in Armenia is proud to sponsor the tour of the Dina Preston Band "Ambassadors of Goodwill".”