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"Taking influence from the bands that perfected the genre, Diamond Lil seem more intent on carrying the torch for rock and doing so on their own merits rather than copying the tried and tested sounds of the past, these 4 guys have created a sound all on their own blending new and old style rock to create a new Frankenstein like sound. It's a beast of epic proportions and they go for the throat on all six of the tracks that this killer EP boasts."

"Swinging then rumbling with a hard-nosed metallic sneer, Bottom of a Glass wets your thirst for more on this Diamond Lil’s debut EP. And so, Sex Injuries struts playfully; Misfits of Society is down-tuned boogie with a guitar solo that slithers across your stereo; while the epic ballad of Beautiful Nowhere is Tracy Chapman fronting Free: And I dare anyone to not see that comparison as favourable! This is a strong muscular but fluid band, with a singer who can hold a tune and also throws in a modern R & B patois vibe to accentuate his phraseology. The influences of contemporary rock acts like Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown are apparent but you’ll note that all of those bands are still rooted in the fundamentals of what’s now called classic rock, thus with the wah-wah pedal frenzy of Reach and full-on-charge of Barrymore (I Want More) Diamond Lil plough the same culturally-rich musical landscape that Sabbath and Zeppelin once strode. Young boys should be seen an

"...tracks on the EP get you ready to rock hard as the tracks become more deep and heavier. The title track, Misfits of Society reaches the bar and really has a great impact on the whole EP. My favourite track as to be track 5 called “Reach”. The guitar riffs and solo’s are amazing and the track is a very fast paced track that will get everyone rocking. This is a band I will be looking forward to seeing many times in the future." RATING: 4.5 / 5

"After spinning Misfits of Society a few times, one comes away with the feeling that the uniqueness of the vocals combined with music gives the band an edge when stacked up against their peers. The band is different enough to easily separate from the pack. We all know there are so many bands today that are making a go at it, so much so that originality and new ideas have suffered plenty of repetition. So Diamond Lil is breath of fresh air." RATING: 8.9/10

“Diamond Lil, a rapidly emerging blues rock talent, also based in the West Midlands, performed like true stars of the stage. The ease and confidence with which they play is a rare gift and shows real potential for success. The songs have some great catchy grooves and the riffs are divine. The incredible vocal talent was effortlessly delivered with such a natural flow that it’s easy to see that these guys are headed for greatness. There’s a smoothness to Diamond Lil’s performances that’s rarely seen and which stands out a mile. These guys are well suited to their style and know how to capture the essence of blues rock at its finest. Enjoyable, memorable and a much-needed addition to the world of blues rock, Diamond Lil have arrived.”

Jenny Tate / Saturday Rocks! Rhubarb Radio

"It’s hard rock, or as they describe it on their Facebook, EPIC hard rock. Bluesy, funky riffs, soaring vocals, warm and crunchy guitar sounds, and bags of groove. This is headbanging music, whiskey swillin’ music, driving too fast music... Gotta love it."

Oli [Live Unsigned] / www.liveunsigned.com

“Knowing that their influences are bands such as Led Zeppelin, ACDC and Alter Bridge should give you a good idea of what to expect from them: perfect guitar riffs, head-banging beats and quite frankly excellent vocals.”

Renee Wilkins / www.blog.musicovered.com