Diallo / Press

"During production of the music making software PSPKick, Diallo showed tremendous skill with our fledgling program. We contacted him to not only help with all stages of development from that point forward, but to also create specialized packs of sound modules for PSPKick. He also lended his fantastic talents to creating the software's theme song. Without his tireless work, PSPKick would not have taken off as fast as it did. A wonderful person socially and professionally."

Nathan Wray - Sony PSPKIck/Linked in Recommendation

“For years he's consistently been one of the dopest producers in Va or anywhere else for that matter.”

“Love the track "Ride" sounds like a new Tupac kinda feel, very believable. Love the "Slide" track, old school funk and live sound. Diallo you're a beast, you are Mad Scientist Fam! Oneness”

"He's been on the grind on the Richmond scene for a minute and his name has been buzzing for years." "As far as the who's who of the Va music scene goes he's in."