D'Haene / Press

"This is one of those bands that can do anything—they’re versatile, improvisational and ultimately satisfying."

“D'Haene walks a line between The Black Crowes and Led Zeppelin here, with a bit of Rolling Stones oomph thrown in. ”

“Some will argue that the 70's classic rock music that fused blues together with shredding guitar riffs and a whole lot of substance is the last time we heard great rock music and for those folks I would like to introduce you to D'Haene.”

“Vinyl makes me wish there were more band out there that made music like this.”

“kinda makes me wonder how this band has slipped through the major label radar.”

“D'Haene's new disc is spring-loaded with hard-locked rhythms, chunky guitar riffing, and metalized melodies sung with a bluesy, soulful inflection.”

"Vinyl" is D'Haene's latest high energy offering. It's rock music with peaks and valleys in all the right places. This is rock and roll with some damn meat to it. Everyone should know about them.