Dfactor / Press

"Local musician Dave Murrow is a man with the magic hat. One minute he puts it on, and in a rhythmic whirlwind of sound, he becomes Dfactor Dave, front man of power pop rock band Dfactor. Or he can use it to reach in and channel his inner John Lennon to lend his vocals to a Beatles tribute band. On most days though, he's the brain behind New Times' 2011 Best Indie Music Blog, Waved Rumor. And sometimes he can just be Dave; jacked up on ginseng. He's what Guy Ritchie might call "a real rock 'n' rolla."

"Local blogger/rocker/man about town Dfactor has been busy with his recently-formed power-pop trio, which plays the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale this Friday, October 22. They’ll debut two new songs at the show, one the band calls “a flat-out punk rocker” and another they say is a “creamy pop tart lullaby.” Expect a very energetic set from the guys, who all sing so they can spread the energy around."

"DFactor, the man behind Waved Rumor, does The Train Tracks this week, singing his libertarian anthem "Too Much Regulation."

"Dfactor's bottomless appetite for all things rock and/or roll make him one of the coolest dudes in the Phoenix music scene. He blogs about Green Day, he tweets about Minus The Bear and he plays the sort of skuzzy, punk-informed garage rock every scene needs."

"It's pretty good, too. The resulting work suggests a drunken bender with Robert Pollard and Hüsker Dü, dressed up with lo-fi hiss, flanged guitars, and feigned English accents on loan from The Kinks and Nick Lowe."

“7. [GARAGE ROCK] Dfactor: Slashing the Sunlight — Phoenix-based D.I.Y. rocker Dfactor offers some straight up lo-fi power pop in this 13-track album. Stream it below or download it for free.”

““Shake It,” the second track from the album is a favorite of mine: two and a half minutes of sloppy, Flamin’ Groovies-via-Guided By Voices pop rock, too brazenly earnest to ever get props from the “cool kids,” but guaranteed to get even the most cynical toe tapping.”

"(Slashing the Sunlight) is exactly the sort of upbeat pop-punk you'd expect from D and it's very good. I'm particularly fond of "Shake It," which has a nice bittersweet quality to it and lots of jangle with the choruses."