DXL / Press

“YOU MADE MY DAY, its nice to see people doing shit with my beats. thanks for doing this. I Googled my name and this came up lol. 5 STARS!!!!!! take care”

“Nice combination of industrial and organic sounds, trippy!”

“'One Last Dance' was great! Soothing, yet powerful. Such tasty textures! (tongue twister?)”

“Keep on keepen' on wit' the music!”

“Jus checked out ya page, keep the fresh music going, come check me out when you getta chance.”

“Hey hows it goin? Thought your music was great!”

“great music”

“Shout out from MA stay on ur grind”

“Just did another collaboration. This time with DeX-eL of DexeL Productions. Great guy. Great experience. The song is called "Dreamin (Remix)”

“Dubious Achievement Award goes to: Derrick Bennett (Willie Boy)..For the fastest climb from the bottom to the top...from 3rd intern from the left, to Stage Manager, to Under Study, to Male Lead...all in the first week!”

“Really enjoyed this song. The ambient effects and bass were really awesome. I found the lead vocal really interesting, very unique.. the low vocal harmony was really cool as well. The lyrics were well constructed too. I could certainly see this being played in a club.”

“Lovely flow and lyrics. DeX-el has some really cool raps. I've heard a lot of his stuff on Stereofame. Real smooth vocals and a rap style full of swag and flavor. Diggin his stuff. Production was well done, arrangement was great, and he's a very good artist. He's just great.”

“Thumbs up Playa..you on yo way”

"this tune's chorus when you say LiveAnotherMinuteAroundTheClock has a cool hook to it.....also the percussive sound that sounds like a metal chair creaking is cool....good tune!"