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WHO - ? The Deutsche Cowboys are the most entertaining and original comedy group to emerge since the likes of such greats as Laurel & Hardy and The Three Stooges. In fact, lead vocalist Billy Bockwurst shares the same birthday as Buddy Ebsen from the Beverly Hillbillies!

ABOUT - Absolute “Imbiss-iles” (Imbiss = eatery/take away) and due to their insatiable craving for German sausage, all three members have changed their names to: Frank Furter - (backing vocals, `bull duster´, hot water bottle & `other´ percussion, including sauces, aubergine & salad!)

Billy Bockwurst - (lead vocals, guitar, coconuts & carrots)

Willie Wiener - (lead guitarist, vocalist, corn-cobbist/pfeffer & saltz millist & band founder).

The DC´s have a fourth member named Benny Bratwurst (Pinkeler & backing barkist). Benny is a Rauhaar Dackel - (wiry haired Dachshound) a very popular breed in Germany. Benny is known to be stubborn about most things, but like the rest of the band, enjoys eating sausages!

In particular, Benny is always excited about any opportunity for `walkies´! And of course, Benny takes his time in selecting trees for marking his territory, which seems to extend well beyond Duisburg! Benny´s mission statement: “I will pee on the whole world”.

WHERE FROM - ? From Duisburg in the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) the DC´s epitomise the most German of lifestyle and habits in their very real love of Bratwurst and Krakauer sausage (and sausage in all formats!) including typical German cuisine from their native State of NRW. Motto: “In Wurste we trust...”

All three members are total Bon Vivants and insatiable gourmands. - “If its German, we´ll eat it! - and give us your cheese!!!”

IMAGE - The style of Autumn/Winter clothing, replete with Stetson hats, leather or suede waistcoats and straight-cut black jeans typify the style of dress in their home State, especially during the cooler months of the year. The adoption of black sunglasses owes more to the brightness of the Autumn and Winter sun than it does to German summers, which are notoriously short lived!

MUSIC: The DC´s are often commented on as being the German "answer" to the Blues Brothers, but the band have no connection to blues music and are firmly in the style of German "Schlager" or perhaps better understood, "party music", as is most famously popularised in the exclusively German resorts of Arenal, or `Ballerman District´ in Mallorca.

The DC´s have just released their debut Christmas single, “Weihnacht (A Happy Christmas Time)” and are set to issue more digital singles during 2017. YouTube videos will be regular features and band manager Michael Dittrich has revealed, “We are looking for a suitable movie script.”

COMING SOON TO AN IMBISS NEAR YOU! Oh NO, not those....!! Oh YES!!! Its THEM!!! – Its those DEUTSCHE COWBOYS! Eee Awww! Eee Awww!! Eee Awww!!!

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