Destiny Landon / Press

" I had heard her voice several times, but as I looked at Destiny, it was hard to reconcile the rich dulce tones she emitted with her Goth appearance. It was almost as if someone threw Elvira and Pat Benatar into a blender and out came Destiny Landon." "The thing that drew me to Bella Czar Productions was their dedication. It doesn’t matter if the client is a new or an established best-selling author; they receive the same quality of work on their project. I also like the artist freedom I’m allowed. Bella Czar respects me and doesn’t have a problem deferring to my years of experience if need be." Destiny

“I thoroughly enjoyed the audio book "The Secrets of Paradise Bay" which was well written and very juicy! Destiny Landon and Lee James, along with Czar Dain, who provided all the background sounds and music, brought the novel to life in a way I had not heard an audio book presented before. The Secrets of Paradise Bay had the polished robustness of an old radio drama. It was also a pleasure to meet Destiny Landon and Lee James. While both are new faces…or should I say voices…at Bella Czar Productions, the two are no strangers to the world of voices overs. Both have been veterans in the field for a decade or more and boast an impressive repertoire that includes audio books, commercials, videos, infomercials, music and more. For now, I can say with certainty that Bella Czar or Bella Czar Productions has an uncanny ability to stand out as unique in a crowded field. I highly recommend that you treat yourself or a friend to the audio book, The Secrets of Paradise Bay. ”