Den-Mate / Press

“Den-Mate is the electro-darkwave project of 19-year-old DC native Julia Hale. Hale’s music feels like a tasteful conglomeration of a wide array of well picked influences, ranging from the most punk infused Crystal Castles to the most introspective of The Horrors. Regardless of her roots, Den-Mate boasts a specifically unique touch and personality. Lush production, rich bass-lines, and dirty, emotive vocals scatter through each of the 9 excellent tracks on her debut self-titled album. Den-Mate’s capacity to produce an irresistible electronic groove couples beautifully with her ability to croon out a head turning vocal sample, making for, above all else, a solidly entertaining sonic presence. Check this out, it’s worth your time.”

“Imagine if you will, if Karen O’s vocals, full of fun, smoothness, and attitude, met Crystal Castles’ bad ass and mystic electronic tones and sound; Their child, would sound something like this. Hailing from Washington D.C., solo artist Den-Mate is making a name for herself with such a combination.”

“Den-Mate, Formally known as Julia Hale, is an electronic rock musician living in Virginia. Julia’s sound is influenced by various types of music including guitar based rock, pop, electronic music, new wave, and even folk if her more primitive demo recordings are taken into account. She has recently put out a self-titled album on Soundcloud.com as her first official release.”