“The band’s sound is mutant rock ‘n’ roll rising with creative bloodlust from a twisted blend of Pantera, Them County Bastardz, Hell Yeah, Steel Panther, and Machine Head, to give its hellacious voice some description. And as Dominion swiftly reveals, it is an infestation of ears and imagination refusing to take no for an answer with its virulent hostility.”

“These are quality metal anthems with the associated dark subject matter you would expect”

“On the main stage, it was up to Demons Of Old Metal to rouse the audience into action once again, and they filled the tent with one helluva a show. Playing to a near capacity tent, they proved they were capable of filling the void left by Ripper Owens and I'm looking forward to my next encounter with them already.”

“These Demons sent back to Earth by Satan himself brought forth fire and brimstone with their hellacious shock rock. The songs are fantastically well written, each telling stories of all things evil. The music is full of riffs and has plenty to keep any well-heeled metal fan rocking, pumping those fists and, more importantly, raising the horns. The band came here with a job to do and that box was well and truly ticked. For me, they were the band, and performance, of the day.”

“...a heady blend of driving beats, solid guitar and bass influenced by the likes of heavy hitting metal acts such as Slipknot, Pantera.”

“..they combine the riffs of Pantera, the pounding drums of Machine Head and the swagger of Hellyeah”

"Each song is a well worked piece of old school metal."

"With a mission statement that 'we're all going to hell and Demons of Old Metal are going to make sure of it,' it's hard not to agree when you hear the hook laden vibes of this classic metal five-piece"


"The Demonic Chronicles Vol. III' is our featured album of the month for March"

Jon Wisbey - BCFM Radio

"...it's riffy and heavy with the production working a treat" (taken from review of 'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. III')

Phil Kane - Powerplay

"...they're awesome and they deserve to be signed!"

"...mix elements of all the big thrash bands that emerged in the 80s, put them in a big melting pot, add a dollop of attitude, a fistful of anger and voila, you have something that will hit you so hard you'll feel concussed." - from review of 'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. II'

“Demons of Old Metal are a force to be reckoned with”

“'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. II' is our album of the month for August”

All FM Rock Show

“Included in Metal Hammer's Jurgen Toksvig's top 20 albums of 2012”

Jurgen Toksvig - Metal Hammer

“Old School Metal the way it was meant to be played”

“Check these guys out,they fricking smash it up”

Mike James - Rockshow on Phonicfm