“As striking as it is and full of bold swagger Delta Doom is indeed a deadly force to encounter and if you survive there is more of the same to follow. This is a live E.P although you can only tell at the end of the tracks when the whistling is prevalent, as no doubt Delta Doom have without any doubt encapsulated the madding crowd with their towering engaging riffs and carnivorous beats of doom. It is a menacing listen, intimidating and explores the imagination on a sonic level of energy. Considering Delta Doom are just a two man band they make enough deep ravenous, rhythmic riffs (try saying that after a skinfull of liquor!) for a band of six members! For the ones lucky enough to see the band live and experience the impending doom for themselves – lap it up and enjoy, for the rest of us we still have soundcloud!”

“Wow Crushing Doom”

Don Jamieson - twitter