“Decaysia are not afraid to take influences from all over the metal spectrum and craft them into their own presentation. While the Nevermore-like riffing is easily heard, there are also passages that bring to mind Amorphis and Insomnium, heavy breakdowns that evoke memories of Unearth's The Stings of Conscience, thrash breaks which give a nod to Testament, and slab-like heavy grooves with wailing screeches that hauntingly resemble Dimebag and Vinnie... but again, Decaysia doesn't sound like these bands as much as they tip their hat to them and say, OK, you did that, now look what we do with it. Washed over through their own filters and layered through with connecting melodies and subtle harmonies all around, Decaysia give a fresh take on a general style of metal that you would think was exhausted.”

“DECAYSIA Rehearsal Studio Robbed!!!”