Debbie Chou / Press

“New York musician extraordinaire Debbie Chou has been a known figure in the NYC indie rock scene for years, having lent her talents to indie/psychedelic group The Barrens. There’s no sense of predictability in her work, which walks the line between dream pop, post-punk, art rock and downtempo electronic. For her new single “Little Prince”, Debbie has teamed up with Colin Fitzgerald (editor) and Chloe Lee (director of photography) to release a visually impressive video that brings you into a claustrophobic but beautiful labyrinth-type world that perfectly communicates the emotions of the song. Enjoy the stunning vocals and dreamy atmosphere of the song/video below! Recommended for fans of: David Bowie, CHVRCHES, Bjork, The Breeders, Portishead”

“OTH: What’s your advice to people who want to be musicians? Debbie: Be open to all genres and all forms of art. Music theory and ear training are actually important. Discover bands that you have never heard before. Go to shows. Network. Be yourself.”

“Debbie Chou (I believe it’s pronounced “chō”) is a wonderful singer-songwriter in the New York area that is both a solo artist and is also the featured keyboard player in The Barrens. While that band has a much louder sound, the softer-but-still-edgy side of Debbie can be found on her fine solo album titled Lovebug.”

“Our latest PEV feature has no shortage of inspiration to craft her unique piano-driven ditties; NYC native Debbie Chou spent most of her childhood in Taiwan, where she went to her first concert: Bon Jovi during the Always tour (how awesome is that?). She came back state-side when she was accepted into The Hartt School at University of Hartford, where Chou studied music composition.”

“A quick one word description of the album would be “graceful.” It is comprised of gorgeous, heartfelt and personal lyrics over simple yet extremely elegant piano. The album begins with a few songs such as ‘My Darling’ that seem almost country with minimal guitar and piano behind Debbie’s strong vocals. The record builds and you begin to hear her musical talent. She really shows you her piano skills on the song ‘Sad Beautiful Eyes’ as she tickles her Steinway while belting out sexy, yet slightly depressing vocals. A little of that musical theater training shows here. Bottom line: this is a very pretty album. A great album for a lonely Saturday night when you couldn’t find anyone to go out with and are stuck home alone with your thoughts. Just sit back and let the music sweep you away in Debbie Chou’s world. It may not be happy but it is beautiful to listen to.”

“Debbie Chou has redefined the singer-songwriter genre, and for that we are eternally grateful. Listeners will easily be able to keep this album in their players and on their iPods for months; this album simply has legs at a point in which none do. ”

“Debbie released her solo album, Lovebug earlier this year. I think you will enjoy the sounds of Debbie, both the vocal and the keyboards. Check her out.”

“Bouncing, trembling beats beneath piano melodies set Debbie Chou apart from other beautiful-voiced piano playing songstresses. Combining electronic flourishes to sometimes country-tinged sadness, sometimes lonely indie rock, Debbie Chou creates something unique. Let this album sit on your tongue and melt; savor the complex flavors. Let her smoky voice carry you away like a warm breeze at the very end of summer. Seriously, check her out. You can listen to her album for free here. Sounds like bad weather on the horizon and old denim”

“Her solo album Lovebug is a bittersweet piano endeavour, sonorous and sighing, reaching past mere sentimentality to the sentimnt itself. And that sentiment is love.”