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"Neil Turbin has an incredible range and tremendous power"

“Hey brother..proud of you for returnin' to Rock GH Direct message sent by Glenn Hughes (@glenn_hughes) to you (@deathriders) on Mar 29, 1:04 AM twitter”

“Deathriders were great. This band is formed around original Anthrax vocalist Neil Turbin and kicked ass. Luckily for us Neil still hits the high notes so it was both musically and vocally a stunning performance. Catch them live if you can.”

"Neil Turbin gives 1000% and keeps EVERYONE at 10 the entire time! WOW!"

“When it was up to me: Anthrax; get this guy back in the band! A more than expected great show from a good singer and also a great performer! Hope to meet you again soon guys!”

“Now to some stronger stuff - Deathriders, the band of the first Anthrax vocalist Neil Turbin, for many one of the highlights of the festival”

“Neil Turbin, who on the first ANTHRAX "Fistful Of Metal" is heard. I will soon feel like the unfortunate guy on the cover of that record. Neil Turbin sounds BETTER than on the classics on which he has indeed geschrien. Today, he creates it, too harsh and melodic sound, very powerful.”

“Deathriders is an original metal band and if people or even Anthrax don’t like the name or the attitude of the group…well, Fuck’em!”

“Coming up to speed DEATHRIDERS is a force in its own right! The UK fans like their no frills honest metal-with-attitude, something that it has to be said, DEATHRIDERS has in abundance .”

“Neil Turbin with his Metal glove in hand raises his fist to the all mighty Metal heavens as he sings “Hear The Screams..Ahhhh!” The frantic NYC crowd matches his screams...”We ride with death tonight!!!” His vocals hitting high notes not previously heard before and displaying such power”

“Legendary thrash metal front man Neil Turbin has been singing up a storm from the ripe age of fourteen. Not only did Neil help put Anthrax on the metal map with ‘Fistful Of Metal’, his songs are still being recorded & played live today”

“Hailing from New York, vocalist Neil Turbin got his first taste of fame in the early 1980’s, when he helped a band called Anthrax create a sound called Thrash Metal.”

“Ok guys this is somewhat of a blast from the past for me. Neil Turbin, come on you all know who I'm talking about and if you don't, then damn someone needs to get caught up on some serious Thrash Metal music here!”

“Neil Turbin was the original singer of Anthrax on their debut album FISTFUL OF METAL. In addition to co-writing the FISTFUL OF METAL album, he also contributed such thrash anthems as "Armed and Dangerous", "Raise Hell" and "Gung-Ho" for both the EP ”ARMED AND DANGEROUS and SPREADING THE DISEASE. ”

“Ex-Anthrax Singer Neil Turbin In our never ending quest to bring you 20 Questions with ex-Anthrax members, we bring to you 20 Questions with original Anthrax singer Neil Turbin. Enjoy!”

“Neil Turbin - for the metal dilettante- a little backdrop here- You were the original lead singer of Anthrax, no need to reheat the past, but can you tell our readers about your rather impressive writing talents?”

“Recently, notoriously outspoken former Anthrax frontman Neil Turbin was kind enough to take a break from his decidedly hectic schedule to speak with us regarding, among many other things, the recording process of A Fate Worse Than Death, the full-length debut from his latest project Deathriders…”

“Opening for METALLICA & RAVEN must have been something else! Do you have any fond memories from this tour?”

“A diciotto anni di distanza da quel capolavoro del thrash metal che risponde al nome di "Fistful of Metal", si appresta a tornare sulle scene Neil Turbin, storico primo singer degli Anthrax.”

"it was Neil Turbine who did the vocals on the debut album "Fistful of Metal", he is regarded by most as the band's first permanent vocalist. Turbine was also the vocals on the last 2 songs on the CD edition of the EP "Armed and Dangerous" which came out in 1985, actually after he had left Anthrax"

"Deathriders, the new band of former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin, was desperately awaited by many fans, so the enthusiasm is big when finally songs like "metal thrashing mad", "Soldiers of metal" and "Armed and dangerous" blast from the stage"