DEAD MAN / Press

“Dead man is only a two-piece, but left me scratching my head, wondering how this singer/guitarist and drummer can produce such a full sound. Dead Man consists of Uncle Hickory, a gray-bearded dude with a brimmed hat and tattoos up his arms and who sings like he’s gargling gravel and trying to cough it up at the same time. His rich and gravely voice is perfect for the straight up R&B these two produced. Between Uncle Hickory’s twangy guitar strumming and the solid drumming of Brian Nelson, I felt like I was watching them in a smoke filled, stifling hot club in the swamps of Louisiana. The Dead Man’s sound was so authentic the chill of a damp Seattle night became an oppressively muggy night somewhere in the deep south. ”

“Dead Man is coming to life.A wild haired drummer and a familiar looking gentleman started playing what they claim to be Filthy Blues. I would add gritty, dirty and messy but played with a marvelous talent..They absolutely rocked; alternating with hard blues and soaring vocals. At times Uncle Hickory (I think his real name is Michael) sounded like the lead singer of a grunge band, the others like Steve Earle. Great voice and killer delivery. One of those voices that can get right up to screaming without crossing the line and still sound good. He also played a guitar in every blues, rock and punk style you can name without missing a lick. He sounded like 2 guys, Great stuff and the audience loved.Brian was playing some great beats next door. He was a genial fellow I met later. I saw he had cd's and I always will purchase music from the artist. The best way to support them. See Dead Man here:http://www.reverbnation.com/deadmanduo”